Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fallout 4 Improve Framerate

Running Fallout 4 at 50FPS on a low end graphic card

My self built development rig (currently pumping out OrchestraCMS/Salesforce sites) does not have a discrete 3d video card, but instead it has a low end Radeon HD 6530D built-in as part of the AMD A6-3650 CPU. Clearly it is a system not designed to handle latest games, but once in a while I like to indulge and so this time I tried playing Fallout 4...

Even at all the lowest resolution and settings I was only able to squeeze about 16 frames per second (FPS) --- I rather watch paint dry.

Overclocking the rig front side bus (FSB) 35% from 100MHz to 135MHz, that is CPU from 2600MHz to 3150MHz and DDR3 memory from 1333MHz to 1799MhZ (the F1A75-V PRO motherboard is fantastic for overclockability, just ensure to run the latest BIOS which allowed me to push it this far) things improved by 8 frames to 24FPS. Better but that's when there isn't anything existing happening on the screen so still unplayable.

Changing resolution in `Fallout4Prefs.ini`

I almost gave up but then decided to take a look inside the `Fallout4Prefs.ini` file and noticed the screen resolution mode settings `iSize H` and `iSize W`. And so I changed them to the lowest resolution my card supported (see 'Display Settings > Display adapter properties > List All Modes'): 640px by 480px and behold the glorious FPS now!

So even though the frame-rate is very fine indeed the resolution sucks, maybe I'll just pretend this is the Pip-Boy experience mode - maybe I should get an old CRT monitor too :). Feel free to comment or .

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