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Another Awesome Free Linode VPS Upgrade

Double memory, double CPU and 10x internet traffic.

Our hosting of choice for self managed servers is Linode as this company continuously stays competitive and keeps giving back to it's customers. In the last two months they doubled the memory, updated CPU cores, increased transfer cap, and storage space you can read their blog for more info.
Plan RAM Disk XFER CPU Price
Linode 1G 1 GB 24 GB 2 TB 8 cores (1x priority) $20 / mo
Linode 2G 2 GB 48 GB 4 TB 8 cores (2x priority) $40 / mo
Linode 4G 4 GB 96 GB 8 TB 8 cores (4x priority) $80 / mo
Linode 8G 8 GB 192 GB 16 TB 8 cores (8x priority) $160 / mo
Linode 16G 16 GB 384 GB 20 TB 8 cores (16x priority) $320 / mo
Linode 24G 24 GB 576 GB 20 TB 8 cores (24x priority) $480 / mo
Linode 32G 32 GB 768 GB 20 TB 8 cores (32x priority) $640 / mo
Linode 40G 40 GB 960 GB 20 TB 8 cores (40x priority) $800 / mo

In my opinion the best VPS for a low cost $20 a month plan.

So at these specification I believe you can't get a better deal. Their $20 a month plan even rivals some dedicated servers as per my OVHS experience and with the doubled memory one can now run a small Minecraft server even better.

If you do sign up do you use my referral code: 7d884fa5262b62b8735502da003fee34061db49b so that I do get a small kick back for a sign up.

Linode failed to boot for unknown reason.

There was a serious issue when upgrading: after the upgrade none of the linodes would boot. However the support team responded within minutes to our support ticket and instructed me to use the 'Latest 64 big (3.8.4-x86_64-linode1)' kernel option. So if you run into unable to boot option after the upgrade change your linode's configuration profile as shown below:

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